LibrarianGeek was born out of a project for a Web Design and Development course along the way to earning my Master of Library Science degree. Part perspiration, part inspiration, a dash of desperation, and lots of love have gone into creating this site, and like me, it's a continuous work in progress that's hopefully moving in a positive trajectory towards geeky perfection.

The image at the top of the site has been repurposed through several of my projects, and whether it's present in bits and pieces or in its entirety, it serves to indicate where my passions lie. Being a librarian and a web developer/geek is as much about dedication and organization as it is about finding the beauty in a well-crafted web page or on a well-ordered bookshelf. The stars and curls remind me to always be open to seeing that beauty.

I hope you find this site to be informational and educational, as I share with you my work and my ideas. The portfolio section contains artifacts and reflections from my library school experience at Emporia State University. The projects section offers additional web development projects that highlight my continuously developing web skills and expertise. Thank you for your time and carry on!