Capstone Portfolio

This portfolio represents the work I've done towards completion of my Master of Library and Information Science degree from Emporia State University's School of Library and Information Science, as well as related projects and publications during my employment at the University of Kansas Libraries.

SLIM Mission

The School of Library and Information Management is an interdisciplinary, learning-centered program that prepares leaders for the library and information professions.

SLIM supports the mission and values of Emporia State University for teaching, research, and service, functioning as a distributed community with local, national, and global networks.

The faculty, students, and staff embrace diversity, innovation, and academic excellence in an atmosphere of free, open, and civil intellectual debate.

Program Outcomes

  • Acquire New Knowledge, Skills and Perspectives:
    Demonstrate life-long learning skills by continually acquiring new knowledge, skills and perspectives to respond to changing conditions.
  • Articulate a Philosophy:
    Articulate a philosophy of client-centered information services based on the epistemological and ethical foundations of the library and information professions
  • Collaborate:
    Lead appropriate change by using effective collaborative, communication and organizational skills.
  • Communicate:
    Communicate effectively in writing, orally, and in using information technologies.
  • Conduct an Information Needs Assessment:
    Conduct an information needs assessment, and design and evaluate customized information services and products based on those needs.
  • Diagnose a Need:
    Based on a diagnosed need, retrieve, interpret, and/or repackage relevant information resources, and evaluate their use and impact.
  • Explain Theories and Models:
    Explain and apply interdisciplinary theories and models relevant to managing library and information service agencies.
  • Teach Information Literacy Skills:
    Teach information literacy skills in order to facilitate effective learning organizations.