About My Portfolio

When I began the program at Emporia, I was working in the Collection Development department as a data analyst and web development specialist in the KU Libraries, where my primary responsibilities involved gathering, analyzing and presenting data about the usage of the Libraries' print and electronic collections. As several of my artifacts, I was very interested in approaches to using data to inform collection development practice and policy in an academic library. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to a book chapter and three conference presentations focused on that area of research, and to be mentored in writing and presenting by several of my colleagues in the Libraries.

In addition to collection development, I was able to work at the reference desk, where I interacted directly with patrons and gained firsthand experience understanding user needs in an academic library. This perspective helped immensely with projects like "Reference Resources for Business Students" for LI813, and the article on website usability which I co-wrote with two KU colleagues.

In early 2010 I was promoted to a position in the newly-formed KU Libraries Web Services unit as a web developer. I had gradually been taking on an increasing amount of web development work in the Libraries, and was thrilled to dedicate myself full-time to doing what I love most. As I've gained more skills and experience, I've improved the quality of my class projects as well; the group project I'm proudest of is the Amusing Athenaeum (http://amusingathenaeum.blogspot.com/), a blog containing a collection of humorous and irreverent library-related artifacts.

As I continue my work and consider future opportunities, I hope to remain in web development. I am open to the idea of working in a public library, but my heart and mind have found a home in academia. I appreciate the broad range of tools, resources, and challenges available in the academic library, as well as the support for and encouragement of professional development and research.