Capstone Portfolio: Articulate

"Articulate a philosophy of client-centered information services based on the epistemological and ethical foundations of the library and information professions"


Emde, Judith, Sara E. Morris, and Monica Claassen-Wilson, "Testing an Academic Library Website for Usability with Faculty and Graduate Students." Evidence Based Library and Information Practice 4, no. 4 (2009): 6-23.


In order to be considered successful, a website must be usable by all intended audiences. An overhaul of the KU Libraries website home page was based on the needs of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. Extensive usability testing was conducted with undergraduate students, but not much consideration had been given to graduate students and faculty to ensure that the revisions were meeting their research needs.

I was able to participate in usability testing with 10 participants, and worked with a team to compile and analyze the participants' feedback. The results of our study are presented in this article, along with our recommendations for further changes to the home page and specific sub-pages to improve usability for graduate students and faculty.