Capstone Portfolio: Teach Information Literacy Skills

"Teach information literacy skills in order to facilitate effective learning organizations"


Interpersonal Communication (Powerpoint presentation),
given for LI 802XR: Theoretical Foundations of Service: Diagnosis & Customization;
Dr. John Agada


This presentation was the product of a collaborative effort among a 5-member 'expert' group to research and compile information about interpersonal communication, including cultural differences, nonverbal communication, gender differences in communication, etc. as they might apply in reference and information services contexts.

Each member selected an area to focus on, and provided their research back to the group. We then each compiled the pieces into a single product, which we individually presented to a 'learning' group. Both groups provided oral and written evaluations to each person regarding their contribution and participation in both the 'expert' and 'learning' groups.

The objective of this peer evaluation process was that "learning to provide positive and negative feedback in a constructive way to one's peers is an important part of each student's development as an information professional."