KU Libraries Hours

Libraries with multiple locations face the enormous challenge of organizing and presenting the hours for each location in a way that's both meaningful and readable. The KU Libraries hours pages presented accurate information, but the layout was based on tables, rendering the information inaccessible to anyone using a screen reader. In consultation with Sarah Couch, Collections & Circulation Services Coordinator, I rewrote and reorganized the pages to make them both easier to read and easier to update.

The Hours home page (http://www.lib.ku.edu/hours/) contains operating hours for the current term for each location, and was originally populated using server-side include files. Following the KU Libraries' web team's development of a PHP/MySQL application to manage the library's hours for a new mobile site, I rewrote the hours pages to utilize the PHP application to generate both the home page and each location's page, for example, http://www.lib.ku.edu/hours/watson

Other features of the pages include the use of accordions to save space on the page, and links in the right column navigation to maps for each location (see image below).

Hours home screen shot

Screen shot of the hours home page

Watson hours screen shot

Screen shot of the Watson hours page with accordion sections

Watson map screen shot

Screen shot of pop-up map, linked from the right navigation column